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"Bendy and the Ink Machine" is a first person puzzle action horror game that begins in the far days past of animation and ends in a very dark future.

This first chapter sets the tone for the adventure ahead.
Solve the riddle. Escape the workshop.

Above all, fear the machine and survive.

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Created by theMeatly.
© Copyright 2017 theMeatlyGames


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This game was so well made! Really didn't expect to get scared of this at all. I made a video playing it and I am so excited for chapter 2, so excited! Hope you all enjoy the video I made :)

Thanks for a great game! I really enjoyed this one and I love the art style. :)

When I see Bendy all I can think about is if he could talk, to me, he would probably sound something like Yakko Warner from Animaniacs and I don't know why..... he just looks like he would I guess.....

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I reeeeally hope that chapter 2 is coming! I'm still thinking what is happening next?

Bendy and the Ink Machine Play Through Chapter 1

There was a couple of bugs and glitches in the game that you can see in my video here. I was picking up items and trying to open doors and then I went straight through the walls.

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Very laggy, tried to set graphics to 'low' but it didn't really help, so when the chase sequence happened, it become almost unplayable, I got stuck and headed into the doorframe near the exit door and kept doing so cause I couldn't make it around some invisible wall, with my anxiety building up even though I had been standing there for 5 seconds and the monster wasn't close to catching me, I quit the game, unable to take the anxiety anymore (question, is there quicksave feature? Or autosave?). I honestly like getting scared but not frustrated AND scared. I downloaded the 64 version BTW.

I do like the game's aesthetic, story and art style, very unique and, oddly in a good way, child-hood cartoon ruining (always thought those oldie cartoons were kind of creepy). Good job on that part.

hey can you make a mobile version how android 4.2 to 6.0

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Decided to play this game and record. I have to say I really like this game. It just gives me an old vibe, reminds me of watching those old Mickey Mouse cartoons.

My Video

The is one of the best horror games out here, it is an creepy atmosphere, realy cool graphics. I am realy waiting for chapter two! loved the first!


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That was incredible! Great and spare use of jump scares. Great atmosphere. Amazing style. Well done everyone involved. I'll go get changed now...

Hope you enjoy!

Hi everyone! Here's my let's play of this amazingly freaky game! :D

Hope you liked my let's play! It would be awesome if you could subscribe to my channel. Drop me a comment and a like and I'd love to have a chat with you guys on Youtube!
Looking forward to connecting with you guys! Thanks :D


I'm a huge fan of the classic Disney animation style, creepy as it is. So I was beyond excited to see this project come to life. Regardless of its final reception down the road, I'm glad this happened. Bless.

Bendy and the Ink Machine is one of those rare treats on the indie horror scene, a game that feels genuinly fresh, has the feel of a AAA game in terms of production value, with an intriguing premise and sumptous 30s-era art direction. Bendy has a strong atmsophere and a few genuine and unexpected scares during its short playtime (around 15 minutes on a first run).
We found this game to be a real surprise, in the best possible way, and urge you to try out this initial episode (especially as it's free to play!). We'll be keeping a watchful eye on this little horror gem and are anticipating the release of Chapter 2 in the very near future.

This is a great game.

I am wondering when chapter 2 will be released?

I leave my thoughts about the game at the end of the video.

AMAZING LITTLE GAME !! Cannot wait for chapter 2 !

Can't wait for the chapter 2 :) awesome game. the last part scared me lol

LOVED this game! Can't wait for chapter 2!

Come on a journey into the heart of the scariest (and largest) animation studios ever built.

This game has SO MUCH potential! I loved how it warps your childhood memories into horror! Everyone should play this game!

What an amazing first chapter. I'm so excited to see what this game has to offer later on!


Great game, can't wait for more content!

Such a fun vid to make


I'm still very impressed by this unique style!

I uploaded a video of playing 'Bendy and the Ink Machine' It's kinda dumb of me because i may have no facecam or microphone but please enjoy and do not dislike. This game is also amazing.

This was majorly awesome and, so surprising that a steamboat willie/mickey could scare the crap out of me!

listen to this!!

Loved it; best game in my life so far!!

the best song of Bendy And The Ink Machine




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