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After playing Bendy and the Ink Machine I just had to doodle my own little rendition of Bendy. Thank you theMeatly for sharing this game with us, looking forward to the next chapter! :D

Wow! This is amazing! :D You're really good at drawing

make it for box or phone


Hey we really enjoyed this! Good luck with the game and congrats on greenlight!

amazing make the 2nd chapter amazing video


esperando la segunda parte cuandoooo aqui les dejo la primera en mi gameplay

I actually played this game on my channel, and its amazing! It was y first video edited in premiere pro. But I am from Slovakia, so its not going to do well here. :)

Gongrats on being GreenLit!

mind if i theorize and you pull a scott cawthon on me with a how true is it?

The style of this game is so amazing! I love the linework, and how everything is made to look like an old cartoon. I spent far too long looking for that ink vial, but it was totally worth it to get to the end. I'm eagerly awaiting chapter 2! Please!!!

You can tell I love it... (Look at my username :/)

Wildly atmospheric, insanely unnerving. Boasting a rather ominous antagonist while hinting at a rather interesting story, this game has all the right moves at just the right times. And I for one hope it goes on to have the necessary amount of content under it's umbrella. In fact the only real gripe I have with this game is the voice acting doesn't quite match the tone of the situation. But if that's the only problem I can look past it. Best of luck to you guys.

Great game, I think finding the pieces in the beginning takes a bit too long, but it is a fantastic idea, and I greatly look forward to the rest of the chapters.

So so so scary!!!

Bendy and The Ink Machine is an amazing game that everyone needs to check out on! The artwork is stellar and really captures the old timey cartoon look it is aiming for. The voice acting was awesome and all the sounds were amazing. The jumpscares were super effective and implemented properly. Everything about this game was epic -- the only complaint I have is the thirst for MORE!

It would be nice to mention the flashes in the description of the game, so people wouldn’t have to download, install and run it before discovering this issue. I love this game so much! Come check out my funny gameplay with commentary! :D

I do Love this game!!But i'm Japanese people ... I am bad at catching English...Could you put on subtitles this games? Please:'-(

can someone plz help me, i wanted to downlod this game on my apple mac but for some reason it wont download.

I think youre geniuses and this games future episodes can go down in history

This game was pretty good, the graphics were awesome with the Disney 40's vintage look. The sounds were great. This game however needed jump scares, and horror elements. Looking forward to Chapter 2 :-)

amazing game

This game is doing so well! It looks like it's been received great. I really hope you get enough funding and help to further develop it and that it gets picked up soon!
Awesome game!

had goose bumps through out, looks great, can't wait until the next chapter!

I loved this game so much and it has so much potential warping childhood memories into present horror! Really recommended!

Short horror game with a sense of humor. I really liked it!


Wow. This is absolutely fantastic. Love the style, the atmosphere is just superb, and that one scare (you know the one) really got me. Have you thought about selling the posters in real life? I would definitely buy one. Keep up the good work!

Beautiful game. Like heading into Disney's 'Rapture'

I love Bendy and the Ink Machine, thank you theMeatly for created it


I just love it! Please more!

I really want to download this game on my mac but for some reason it wont work. plz help me<(^o^)>

Love the concept and sepia art style behind this horror title very much looking forward to a second episode.


10 OUT OF F***ING 10!!!

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